Nacho Frades

Nacho Frades

Art is not a matter of doing it well or bad, it's a matter of just do it.

Nacho Frades is a Spanish artist from Madrid born in 1967.


I was born in Madrid in 1967, my traditional studies as a painter starts at the age of 10 in a little school in my neighborhood. But this isn't enough and I visit all the museums of Madrid, joining as well the CBA (Círculo de Bellas Artes) to paint nude figure and have a deeper understanding of oils.

My digital painter formation starts in 1987 by surprise looking for a game called Deluxe Paint, a primitive painting software with 16 colors developed by Electronic Arts.

Since the moment I saw I could paint in a computer my life changed, I was absolutely excited! I had found my destiny! I started to work in many weird things, until a friend told me to do films, and I started to work in computer animated films, doing two of them in 6 years.

After this period I said to my wife, "I'm going to be only a painter. No more working for others", and I did, I become a full-time artist. Now I do only digital painting and paint overall in digital, but also I do things in traditional.

My life always has been to paint.


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