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Untold Story stands as a compelling work within the larger "Untold Stories" series, encapsulating a profound moment of self-awareness and introspection. The painting delves deeply into the act of looking inward, capturing a gaze that is both contemplative and revelatory. And the textured applications of oil paint brings a tactile, visceral quality to the subject's face drawing an immediate contrast with the semi-abstract background.

This juxtaposition serves to amplify the tension between the tangible and the ethereal, reality and imagination. The vibrancy of color serves as more than just a visual stimulant; it becomes a silent dialogue between the viewer and the subject. It resonates with the theme of the artist's overarching exploration, the persistent quest for identity and connection in a world punctuated by ever-evolving narratives.

We all tell stories. Some stories are still untold.

The NFT comes paired with the physical painting (80x100cm), a 44,6" LCD screen and customised packaging.