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Buzzing sounds from a hotel room. Sirens. People chattering through the walls.

While ZOTEYE physically grew up in Belgium, they daydreamed often about the United States. Hollywood movies. New York skyscrapers. But in 2014 when ZOTEYE met their twin flame, a Louisiana native, they found themselves more frequently traveling between Belgium and the Southern parts of the US. This resulted in many deeper impressions of the richness, beauty and complexity that ultimately make it virtually impossible to bundle everything “America” is into one single label.

Analog photo, CineStill 120 film.
Developed and scanned in Brussels.

The NFT of this piece was originally released as part of an art treasure hunt and billboard campaign across Belgium, an initiative to engage citizens and promote art appreciation that ran from May 28-June 3, 2024.

As an extension of the Treasure Hunt, a Limited Edition of 5 framed prints is now available. Each print is:

  • Signed and numbered

  • 30x30cm (including black frame)

  • Silver-based C-type print from scanned 6x6 negative on archival Fuji Gloss paper

  • Frame made in Germany using wood from sustainably managed forests that meet the environmental, social and economic - standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®-certified)

  • Hardware for nail hanging on reverse

  • Each framed print comes with one of the open edition NFTs that was used for the scavenger hunt event in Belgium

  • End-to-end carbon neutral handling

  • Ships worldwide (no import taxes anywhere in the world)