And the Witch Said

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Ironically, it wasn't the advent of NFTs that catalyzed this shift, but rather Michael Kutsche's consumption of contemporary art through Instagram.

Despite an extensive collection of art books and frequent visits to galleries and museums, it was this social media platform that became a rich source of inspiration.

Kutsche found himself increasingly drawn to works by artists who were yet to be published in print, and realized that he was mostly looking at digital photographs of paintings rather than the paintings themselves, which was a key to his perception of analog vs. digital art.

This revelation prompted a reevaluation: if our predominant art consumption is digital, why even bother to spend so much time painting in oil, when his digital skills sufficed for artistic expression? It was only later that NFTs reinforced this notion, but it was with these first works that for the first time he was looking at digital as a legitimate final medium that is not inferior to physical works of art.

While the idea of this painting came to him rather spontaneously, as opposed to newer pieces which he approach with an increasingly conceptual mindset, you may find some of the stylistic elements that are characteristic in his work.