Spotlight of the Month: Richard Masa✨
Spotlight of the Month: Richard Masa✨

Our very first Spotlight artist is Richard Masa (b. 1973, Yugoslavia), a seasoned animation director with over 20 years in the gaming industry. Richard Masa’s artistic philosophy centers on "Being is Becoming" initiating dynamic gestures that give life to paintings, sculptures, and performances. His process sculptures explore the spiritual concept of unity, encouraging viewers to discover subconscious revelations by dissolving the body into a sea of repetitive objects.

Artwork: Walk By, 2023. Open edition (available at Artcrush Gallery) .

Masa's art is a tribute to movement, as seen in the fluidity of his performance sculptures. His creative journey continually evolves, transitioning from 2D drawings to 3D sculptures, culminating in vibrant digital animations. His winning artwork “Walks by” is an artwork created to be seen on huge billboards, a fusion of street art and Masa’s inner struggles. It portrays a theatrical unveiling where the curtain opens to reveal the finished piece and showcase the artist in action. As the curtain rises, the sculpture captures the artist's body moments–symbolizing community dynamics–swiftly freezing into a chilling group sculpture where imprints seem to scrutinize observers, hinting at an anticipated triumph or the awaited Crypto art market boom. “Walks by”, quick and eye-catching, emphasizes the relentless pursuit of attention and the fear of missing out.
Technique: Using motion capture technology, the artist records movements in a studio, transferring them to a 3D virtual character. Each frame becomes an imprint, transformed into polysemantic abstract art. Immerse yourself in this unique fusion, enhanced by carefully curated sounds.

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