Spotlight of the Month #4: Top 5 ✨
Spotlight of the Month #4: Top 5 ✨

A third of 2024 has passed, let us look back at April’s Top 5 Spotlight of the Month to celebrate its end. This selection was curated by the amazing @Ellii_art and accompanying text written by our resident marketing manager @BraveArtcrush.

This month’s selection is a striking imagery of the flows of life, a reminder of how life is full of contrast that perfectly fits together regardless of differences. Each piece requires the viewer to reflect on each brushstroke,color contrast, and pattern representing a deeper meaning.

A woman who doesn't exist by @Elizabedsh1 is a monochromatic artwork showcases a haunting and ghost-like figure that symbolises the loss of identity and being locked in the inner void of existence.


Similarly, @Dovnar_ph, captures the same essence of drama and illusion by contrasting monochromatic shades of light and shadows that are simple yet telling.


“Lost in Latent” by @ArchiTech_3D brings about the raw interplay of sacrifice and suffering that is amplified by desolate surroundings.Continuing the color scheme from the two previous works, all of which amplify the serene artwork with the chaotic feelings stirred within.


Bringing color into this selection, @GranadaHero's "Incipient" continues the theme of contrast through the fusion of life and decay through symbols and a vibrant color palette which showcases life’s beauty and complexity.


Lastly, @yato9png also depicts a picture of peace and chaotic energy through the textured brushstrokes and balance of elements that encompass a beautiful picture and complete this selection.


This month’s selection creates a picture of polarity and connectedness through the search for deeper meaning in simple, yet, profound pieces. It underscores life's rich tapestry of contrasting elements that seamlessly coalesce. Each detail prompts introspection, revealing deeper layers of meaning.

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