Spotlight of the Month #3: Top 5 ✨
Spotlight of the Month #3: Top 5 ✨

As March comes to an end, let us celebrate the Spotlight of the Month Top 5 selection, curated by the talented Ellii.

This month’s collection celebrates creativity and its ability to convey deeper meanings by exploring freedom, identity, and the digital age. Each piece utilises unique interpretations and detailed elements that emphasise the whole picture.

Arezou Gholizadeh in her work “Goleba And Pear Tree,” masters the expression of celebrating the richness of untold stories through her ability to utilise details to bring about a unique menagerie.


Likewise, Cozmonika portrays a powerful portrait of the duality of passion and purity, violence and peace, within an overall tranquil figure. The blend of red and white seamlessly introduces a contrast of freedom in a seemingly enclosed environment.

Simurgh-Cozmonika (1).png

Moreover, “A Few Repairs Will Do the trick” by Alex Benedith presents a piece full of symbolism and textures that create extraordinary depth. This work represents the state of anticipation and manifests inner wisdom.


On the other hand, Mahya Afkhami provides a reminder of the beauty of nature through an abstract expression of its tempestuous innate energy. It represents life’s dynamism conveyed by a beautiful palette and harmonisation.


Last but not least, PdSofi explores identity and the loss of self. “Loss” portrays womanhood and the fragility of individuality, reflecting an individual’s search for identity in the digital age.


These 5 incredibly telling artworks convey our intrinsic search for self as human beings through the use of artistic expressions and the reflection of emotions.

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