Spotlight of the Month #2: Top 5 ✨
Spotlight of the Month #2: Top 5 ✨

Artcrush is excited to announce its second artistic competition, curated by the talented Elliii.

In this Spotlight of the Month Top 5 selection, Ellii uncovers the beauty and interconnectedness of everyday life through art. Each piece explores routines and the dynamic interplay of shapes and colors, emphasizing daily experiences.

1016-Young man working to feed his children.jpg

Nacho Frades in his artwork titled Young man working to feed his children, takes us on a colorful journey into a slice of everyday life. The piece explores the comforts of daily and familiar movements, using a captivating play of perspectives and depth. The exceptionally vibrant and nuanced palette employed by Frades adds an extra layer of richness to this exploration of the comforts found in routine.

05.B_yaoyoros (1).gif

Similarly, Yaoyoros’s artwork serves as a metaphor for discovery, delving into the unexpected depths of our reality. The piece invites viewers to consider the layers of meaning in everyday actions and the continuous human quest for understanding.


Ver Clausi’s Skin Matrix, on the other hand, takes the viewer on a mesmerizing journey across 12 skins and 12 timelines. This narrative, skillfully orchestrated, connects art and truth in a mesmerizing time-lapsed performance, creating a hypnotic experience that blurs the boundaries between reality and artistic expression.


Marie LeMoal introduces a unique perspective with her artwork Art Déco Seconda Mano, demonstrating that experiences can be portrayed not only through human figures but also through patterns and symbols. The piece depicts an intriguing blend of musical scores overlaid by geometric patterns, where colorful designs appear to dance alongside the notes, suggesting a harmony between visual art and the rhythms of music.


In a final crescendo of artistic brilliance, the abstract composition by J3nn1b33 bursts forth with vibrancy and energy. The piece, seemingly alive with flowing forms and contrasting colors, encourages viewers to explore the intricate relationship between shapes, colors and the motion they suggest. Dots and stripes add texture and depth, turning this abstract creation into a dynamic expression that encapsulates the vitality present in our daily interactions.

Together, these 5 artworks create a narrative that goes beyond the ordinary, unlocking the beauty within our everyday lives.

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