On Tania Rivilis ✨
On Tania Rivilis ✨

Article written by @Ellii

Tania Rivilis is a Ukrainian artist now living between Portugal and Germany. Tania started her artist journey at 27, quickly producing impressive portraiture. Her piece, Poet from St. Moritz marked a significant milestone in her career.

poet from.. .jpg
Artwork: Poet from St. Moritz, 2021. Minted on Foundation.

With this painting, she adopted a fresh approach, a more vibrant color palette, and dynamic brush strokes. Rivilis ventured into a unique blend of realism and expressionism, creating a delicate, elegant, and intimate work.

an endless sumeer.jpg
Artwork: An endless summer afternoon, 2021.

Lately, she has incorporated fabrics in her work, adding an impressive motion layer to her pieces. One such portrait,_ Kupka’s Dog_, clinched the William Lock Portrait Prize, presented by the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in London.

Artwork: Kupka's Dog, 2022. Minted on SuperRare.

Tania truly impresses with her daring color choices and powerful brushwork, crafting a narrative that echoes the intensity of Vincent Van Gogh and the intricate carnations reminiscent of Lucian Freud.

Artwork: A Solitary Man, 2022. Edition of 20, minted on Objkt.

One thing I'm deeply appreciative of is Tania's nuanced take on gender. Her depictions resonate on multiple levels. She has a rare gift for portraying humans in an unbiased and open manner, inviting viewers to see beyond conventions and embrace the fluidity of human identity. Each piece she creates showcases her technical prowess and offers a window into the soul.

Artwork: And the first ray of sunriswe will wake my sleeping soul, 2021.

As we anticipate her future works, one thing is certain: Tania leaves an indelible mark on contemporary painting. Her use of vibrant colors and dynamic brushwork portrays a blend of realism and expressionism. Each of her creations showcases her technical skills, offering insights into the human soul, and will forever leave a lasting mark on the contemporary painting scene.

Artwork: Manifestation of being, 2023.

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