Arthemort's Discovery of the Month #3 🤯
Arthemort's Discovery of the Month #3 🤯

Alotta Money's market has recently seen high sales through the liquidation of the 3AC NFT collection handled by Sotheby’s. Vincent Van Dough originally curated the 3AC collection through Starry Night Capital. Although the collection was heavily focused on generative art, it included works from esteemed crypto art OG’s such as Alotta Money.

Among the works that now compose the highly anticipated GRAILS auctions of Sotheby’s, some are sold privately. That was the case of the recently sold Saint Nakamoto, considered a cornerstone artwork of the crypto art movement. Most of the 1/1 works of Alotta Money that were in the possession of 3AC were sold to Spartan Black (Kevin Kohl) for amounts between 100 and 150 ETH each.

Artwork: Saint Nakamoto, 2019. 1/1, minted on SuperRare.

Phillipe Phix, also known as Alotta Money and Olibith, worked for Millenium (World of Warcraft) as a creative director in the past. He also wrote an illustrated book about cannabis, among other things. He was also a major architect of the Metaverse Crypto Voxel. His market for NFT surged in 2020 up until the artist’s recent passing in 2022.

Alotta is one of my favorite artists and his works —which are animated collages of old master paintings filled with humoristic twists and cinematographic references— hold a unique aura. Humor, the Monthy Python, robots, zombies, religions, Lovecraft, cannabis, and other themes are recurrent in his work.


Some works among my favorites that are still available for a fairly affordable price are his project of Twitter banner THC , a self-portrait minted on Monsieur Money, a collaboration with Pransy box JUST I, and his Monument on the Sand Box.

You can find most of his editions on Nifty Gateway and Rarible. One of my favorites among the ones I can afford is the NFT IQ test, Pillar of Civilisation, Crypto TV. His Influence was massive in the Space and will remain so for decades to come. He is an artist that will someday be in museums.

Artwork: NFT IQ test, 2020. 1/30, minted on Rarible.

We invite you to check out this clip that encompasses well the world of this artist. Oh! and remember "There is Nothing Quite as Wonderful as Money."

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