Arthemort Discovery of the Month #7 🤯
Arthemort Discovery of the Month #7 🤯

This week’s Discovery of the Month is none other than Roya Hajialikhani, better known as Ms. Roy in the digital art space.

Paint, illustrator, and environmental activist, Roya embarked on her artistic journey in 2007, exploring painting, glass printing, hand printing, and more. In 2010, she developed a keen interest in Surrealism, European narratives, and the works of artists like Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí.

Through meticulous research and studying philosophical and psychological novels on human-to-animal relationships in contemporary art, Roya utilized manual and digital collage techniques to create her pieces. She was driven by the belief that animal welfare is paramount and their protection is essential for the planet’s security.

Artwork: They keep growing, 2022. 1/1, minted on Rarible.

Additionally, childhood stories and characters have profoundly influenced her passion for art. With this vision, she plans to open the "Roya Gallery" soon. Driven by social and psychological concerns, this gallery will provide exclusive painting instruction to support orphaned children.

Roya is passionate about exploring new techniques and digital realms. She has minted her artworks as NFTs and is currently researching and writing articles on the topic of human-animal relationships with environmental concepts.

Roya Hajialikhani’s works have been exhibited in group exhibitions and small auctions in Isfahan, Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Baku, and other cities since 2016.

Artwork: An Alien in lost time, 2022. 1/1, minted on Foundation.

In Roya’s collection ‘Me and My Dreams!’ the world possesses dimensions far beyond those depicted in her artwork. It is as if her paintings encompass fear and anticipation.

“Anticipation for what? Perhaps a world better than our current one.”

The colors, which are not normally visible, emphasize the non-physical nature of her works. An intangible world that seems to exist. The gap between being and not being, between fantasy and reality!

Throughout her works, Hajialikhani portrays the frozen fear and anxiety of modern humans in an alternate world. It is like a journey through time. Each piece is a voyage into the infinite. They represent an eternal anticipation and the power and grandeur of nature, which has stood for millennia, contrasting with the ephemeral nature of human existence.

In one of her works, a large eye stands out in the background, alluding to the watchful gaze of the universe upon all of us. As if it is the only one that sees, the only one that wills, and we are merely playing out the game. All of her works possess a surreal, fantastical theme, reflecting the artist's feelings and perspectives on the world she wishes existed.

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 4.35.21 PM.png
Artwork: Keep watching., 2022. 1/1, minted on Rarible.

Additionally, the ' another world!' collection portrays the bunny she lived with for many years. She is no longer with Roya, but she lives on in parallel worlds with her.

Artwork: You ... in another world! #18., 2022. 1/1, minted on Foundation.

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