Arthemort Discovery of the Month #6 🤯
Arthemort Discovery of the Month #6 🤯

Introducing Arthemort’s Discovery of the Month, Eileen Begley, also known as @Echobravoart. Through painting, photography, and AI, Echobravoart particularly focuses on capturing the essence of flowers.

nft (1).jpg
Artwork: Dahlia no. 3, 2024. 1/1, minted on Foundation.

Inspired by her grandmother’s teachings and childhood experiences immersed in nature, Echobravoart’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in a profound connection to the natural world. From learning the art of plant propagation to cultivating a deeper understanding of human interconnectedness, her work reflects a rich mosaic of life’s intricacies.

Artwork: Flying Objects (1), 2022. 1/1, minted on Foundation.

In 2023, she started exploring the essence of flowers through innovative scanography techniques. Each photograph is a testament to her rever.

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