Arthemort's Discovery of the Month #4 🤯
Arthemort's Discovery of the Month #4 🤯

On Monday, February 12th, we had the chance to receive the artist Rebecca Rose to discuss her career and upcoming project in a dedicated Twitter space. This conversation was the opportunity to unveil the various layers that compose her artistic practice.

As a collage artist, Rebecca Rose explores the possibility of fluid image sculpting, transmedia, and multidimensional mediums. With experience in holographic display, installation, physical, and digital practices, she has been featured in the media on many occasions. Aside from her apparent successes in the NFT world, she is an artist who has worked with many institutional actors and has acquired an academic reputation that not many artists from the space have been able to acquire.

Her work aims to offer immersive experiences among the layers of images she finds on and offline. It’s a tedious and chronological process that transcribes her archives into a singular visual universe, difficult to pinpoint a specific movement, period, or influence.

As someone inspired by cinematography and the early days of animation techniques, Rebecca has worked with the most esteemed production studios in the world. The body of work she has produced so far is a token of her ambition to record both humanity’s past as well as her own experiences through the lens of femininity.

high (1).gif
Artwork: A Mighty Short Walk, 2023. 1/1, minted on SuperRare

Her upcoming series, Valentine's Day Massacre, explores the aesthetics, codes, and notions developed in dark film, studio cinema, thrillers, and horror movies. Glamorous, yet intensely violent in nature, this series showcases the inherent notion of movement in a way she’s rarely done before.

As someone who is a big fan of the narrative figurative painter Jacques Monory, I see some parallels between his and Rebecca’s productions: they always like to include a comprehensible sense of mystery and storytelling within their work. Filled, however, with personal references that only make sense when given the full context behind the work at stake.

A single conversation wasn't nearly enough to uncover all the layers that go into the character and work that compose the artist Rebecca Rose. We hope to be able to receive her again for further discussion. Meanwhile, for those who would like to learn more about her and her works, her website is a great resource to do so.

Finally, as a Valentine's gift, we’ve decided to offer Rebecca the opportunity to participate in the initiative we are currently running thanks to the support of Clear Channel Belgium and offer people the opportunity to experience for themselves the amazing work she has been producing for the past couple of decades.

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